General Terms and Conditions


The first offer will include services like transfer and guide rates, first ideas for the program with average rates. 


All rates are based on the price information known at the time of making the offer. We reserve the right to add a surcharge in case of any tax or cost increase. Hotel rates are for leisure use and guests only. The hotel has the right to charge the guest direct the full rack rate if on arrival it finds out that the guest is a corporate client.
All rates are in Euro, net and include taxes.


Booking requests, reservations and/or changings should be made in written only.
Confirmations sent after the option date are subject to availability and only valid after receiving T-made Trips GmbH confirmation.

Travel Expenses

A handling fee of 10% will be charged in case T-made Trips GmbH covers cash pay- outs and/or other costs apart the one from the program booked.

Gratuities are voluntary and not included in the offer.
In general gratuities of 10% on top of the overall consumption costs are common.
On request T-made Trips GmbH will take over the settlement of gratuity payments on behalf of the client. This has to be mentioned on the time of booking.

Travel Documents

Each traveler is responsible to obtain any valid travel documents and/or entry requirements necessary for each country of travel.
All our partners have the right to issue their own vouchers – please put the services on it as well as: ‘Booked and payables by ‘’T-made Trips GmbH’’.

Site Inspection

We always suggest to make a short site inspection to make sure that all services meet the expectations of the client. We always try to keep the costs as low as possible for this visit, but we have to charge these costs like hotel overnights, travel expenses and meals for example. In case of the realization of the total event or a similar one, together with T-made Trips GmbH, we will refund the costs of our project manager and as much as possible of the costs occured during the inspection.


Complaints have to be reported immediately, on spot in order to be able to solve them during the trip if this is possible. T-made Trips GmbH will not deal with any complaint reported more than four weeks after the end of the booking made through T-made Trips GmbH.

Payment & Cancellation Conditions

For all bookings we ask for a prepayment in full prior to arrival of the guests. All payments by the client shall be made in Euros, on time and by bank transfer without any deductions.
Payments should be done to the following account:

Bank: Erste Bank der österreichischen Sparkassen AG
IBAN: AT29 2011 1840 2039 2200

All bank charges are to be fully borne by the client.

Payment as well as cancellation conditions will be sent at the time of booking as they always depend of the different providers.

T-made Trips GmbH reserves the right to cancel all reservation if the requested payments are not received as mentioned in the booking confirmation.

Competence of Court

All contracts are governed by Austrian law.
The legal venue shall be the Commercial Court of Vienna, Austria.


Both parties undertake to respect the professional and business secrets of the other party.


All proposals offered by T-made Trips GmbH are the intellectual property of T-made Trips GmbH.
Their use, including parts thereof, requires a written permission. Attention pictures used in our offers may differ or vary in their actual implementation.


The General conditions of the Association of Travel Agents within the Austrian Chamber of Commerce are applied.